Jamy  Wheless                                             John  Helms

Mission Statement:

Lightstream Animation Studios specializes in visual storytelling and memorable characters for animated films.

Why Lightstream Animation Studios?

Because we have a passion for story, a love for character, and we value collaboration.

Founded in 2007 by veterans of George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, Lightstream Animation

Studios is a full service animation and visual effects studio located in beautiful northern California.

We have an amazing team of artists and technicians. Our production pipeline is efficient and our

studio delivers high quality work on time and on budget. From script to story reel, character

design to digital performance, our unique production techniques help streamline the creative process.

We are passionate about producing the best imagery in feature films, TV, and commercials while

continuing to push the boundaries in our industry. Lightstream has the talent and infrastructure

to create and execute projects of any scale and complexity.

Founders Reels

Jamy Wheless: Animation Reel

John Helms: Look, Lighting, & VFX Reel